Motion Dance Troupe Tryout Flyer

Dance Troupe Auditions
Tuesday, July 30 in Logan-Rogersville Middle School Auditorium,
11am-3pm (Arrive 30 minutes early to receive a number)
Please wear stage make-up and dance attire
(including proper shoes), no jewelry or “street” wear.

*THIS IS A CLOSED AUDITION-No parents at this time
Lunch will be from 12:30pm-1:00pm, bring a sack lunch & water

Audition Packets are due at this time. Please bring a signed audition packet including a signed constitution agreement.
Audition fee, $25, non refundable

How Do Auditions Work?
* Numbers will be given out to those who have brought in completed audition packets at 10:30 am the day of the audition.
The warm-up will start promptly at 11:00am.
* Students will learn a short contemporary routine in a large group.
* Students will try out in groups of 2-4 for a panel of teachers and dance and entertainment professionals. The scoring will be based on group and individual skill and memory of the routine. SEE TRY OUT SCORING SHEETS AT THE END OF PACKET.
* Also, we will be adding 10 points for the professional appearance of the student during auditions.
Immediately following auditions, judges will add scores to determine team placement. (If we have enough members we will have two teams,
Purple and White.)
RESULTS will be posted on the door of the studio and on the website

Breakdown of Fees
Minimum classes for fall semester- 3 hours/weekly
Tuesday/Thursday- 1 ½ class periods = $115 a month
(Any extra rehearsal outside of weekly classes will be $5 per dancer)
Costume Fees- Determining how many dances you are in –
Budget $30-$50 per costume
Competition Fees- 2 Conventions & 3 Competitions

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